There are so many great makeup brands on the market all over the world that makes stellar makeup always within reach. In the UK, we have access to so many great brands that put forth beautiful products for us to champion! If you have ever wondered what makeup products you can buy from UK-based companies that are still affordable – this is the list for you!

Makeup Academy, or MUA, is a worldwide recognised makeup brand that is based in the United Kingdom. Their products not only have high quality but they are very affordable! On their website, you can purchase many items for just a pound and eyeshadow palettes for only four pounds! Some of their eyeshadow palettes have even been said to be dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. All of their products are cruelty-free as well, and they have options for those looking for vegan products. Their goal with the advertising of their makeup is commendable as well: they strive to be honest in their photos and respect the makeup and the work of makeup artists by minimally retouching pictures to show the real product.

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution is another great affordable makeup brand in the UK. This brand is available at many standard drugstores. They also offer cruelty-free products and vegan options. Some have said that their contour palettes are dupes for the high-end brand Anastasia Beverly Hill Palettes, as well as potential dupes for the Two-Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. They look to inspire anyone with their makeup products.

Sleek is a great affordable, UK-based brand that has a great mission. Not only do they offer beautiful products at a low price point, but their products are also all cruelty-free. Sleek was initially founded to provide makeup products that represented the deeper skin tones in the makeup community. Their primary goal is to promote inclusivity, empowerment, and creativity. Also, their Matte Me Lip Creams are a dream!

The makeup brand Collection is yet another UK-based brand with great products! Most of their products clock in under ten pounds and all are cruelty-free. This brand focused on fashion-forward, trend-led makeup products to provide to their audience. They love to showcase their British heritage and integrity. Their Lasting Perfection Concealer is just an example of the high-quality their makeup holds; it is an excellent long-wearing high-coverage concealer.

Bourjois is a Parisian makeup brand that is disseminated in the UK. This brand loves to promote colour and vibrancy. Founded in 1863, Bourjois started as products to be used in theatre, beginning with waxy makeup sticks in a variety of colours and then moved onto blushes and other makeup products. Here you will find affordable and chic makeup.

Primark is a UK-based active-wear brand that features its own makeup line. They don’t boast a large selection of products, but they do have good quality for the price. They also feature a Disney-inspired makeup line. Most items here can be found for under 10 pounds. They set a high standard for all of their products with a heavy emphasis on ethical and sustainable manufacturing methods.