It has long been said that dogs are ‘man’s best friend.’ The phrase must have been coined by someone who has owned a dog because every dog owner knows that it is true. Whether they are staring in a movie, fighting crime on the front line with a police officer, or simply just sleeping on the couch next to you while you read this, dogs truly are the best pets – and here is why.



Physical health benefits

Owning a dog provides humans with many physical health benefits. Dogs require a lot of exercise as they have energy that needs to be exerted daily. This forces you to be intentional about taking your dog for a walk or spending time with the dog in the fresh air. They are great workout partners since they are always happy to run and play. Some even say that having a dog can boost your immune system.   


Emotional health benefits

There is a reason why dogs are often the animal of choice among pet therapy. Dogs are excellent at providing their owners with a heap of emotional benefits. They can sense when your emotions are off and typically make it their job to change this. Dogs provide humans with stress relief after a long day and even help children and adults cope with mental disabilities. Nothing will remind you that you are loved more than your dog, without even saying a word. 


They make us social

Try taking your dog for a walk and not getting stopped by someone who wants to pet it. Bringing your dog in public makes you approachable to others. Many places are now becoming dog-friendly as well, with restaurants offering outdoor setting so that you can dine with your dog. Taking your companion to the dog park also is a great way to meet other dog lovers. 


Great for children

Owning a pet is a great way to teach children about responsibility from an early age. Dogs are ideal pets for teaching this as they require a good bit of attention and maintenance, while also being friendly to children. You can make it into a chore for your child to take the dog out after dinner, feed it, or train it.  


Awesome travel companions

No matter how long the trip, dogs are always in the market for a new adventure. They pack light and travel well in most any mode of transportation. If you are traveling alone or far from home, taking your dog with you is a great way to bring a part of home along the way.  


They give great advice

Dogs are always happy. They are enthusiastic and energetic no matter what the day brings. Dogs are an adorable reminder not to take life too seriously, and to love what matters most to you unconditionally.