Getting exercise each day is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to get stuck in a humid gym every afternoon. Instead, bicycling offers a more exciting alternative that can be done anytime and anyplace. By cycling outdoors, you can enjoy a whole host of health benefits.


Boost Mental Health

Various studies have shown that physical activity can boost your mental wellbeing, chasing away anxiety and depressive episodes. Separate research has found that being outdoors has similar effects on the mind. It’s not difficult to conclude that combining these two activities provides the best possible mental health benefits.


Lose More Weight

When it comes down to it, losing weight is simple arithmetic. You must burn more calories than you take in through eating and drinking, which makes exercise more essential. Bicycling for one hour per day can burn between 400 and 1,000 calories per day. People who ride faster, or weigh more, will burn more calories.


Build More Muscle

Bicycling is both a cardio and resistance training activity. This means that you’ll be building up muscle, while you lose weight. For the most part, the muscle you build will be in your legs, so you can count on stronger calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. As you build more muscle, you’ll be making it easier for your body to burn off fat, even in a resting state.


Keep Your Lungs Healthy

In addition to helping your lungs get stronger through physical activity, you’ll also be exposing your lungs to fewer toxins. As unlikely as it may seem, a recent study found that bicyclists breathed in fewer fumes than those driving a personal motor vehicle or riding in a bus. Bicycling to work will help you drop weight and breathe easier.


Reduce Risks of Disease

In addition to helping you cut weight, which contributes to heart disease and some types of cancer, bicycling also improves blood circulation. You’ll be strengthening your heart muscle, as well. This reduces your risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


The benefits listed here are just a few of the advantages that bicycling offers. It’s a fun and interesting way to get some exercise while allowing you to explore your community. Additionally, you can pick up a used bicycle at a great price, so this is also a low-cost way to get the exercise your body needs.