Juicing is not just a pointless craze. It is a wonderful way to absorb high amounts of nutrients from fruits and vegetables and promote a healthy body. I love drinking juices of all types to achieve different health goals. Juicing helps your daily intake of vegetables by giving you a way to take in a large amount at one time. There are many ways that you can build a wonderfully delicious and nutritious juice in no time. Green juices are some of the most popular varieties; here are some of the best vegetables that you could include in your next green juice!



Due to its abnormally high water content, cucumbers make a wonderful base for your next green juice. They also boast a pleasant, almost sweet, flavour that will be the perfect compliment to any additional vegetables that you decide to add in. Cucumbers are also jam-packed with beta-carotene and vitamin C. Thus, they will keep you hydrated and your skin looking fresh!



This vegetable is a common choice for both amateur and avid juicers. Containing the highest amount of Vitamin K in a veggie while also supporting healthy bones, adding kale to your next juice is a no brainer. Be sure to grab a lot though; unlike cucumbers, kale is not a water-logged vegetable, so it will take a bunch of leaves to produce a modest amount.


Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that you can add in a sweet potato to your juices? These are great vegetables to add in a bit of sweetness and a lot of vitamin A, B6, and C. Another benefit of adding sweet potato is that while they do provide you with some sweetness, it will not unnecessarily spike your blood sugar since the sweetness is released slowly. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of iron and magnesium.



Another vegetable that has very high water content, celery is a perfect addition for a nutritious green juice. This one can be used as a base on its own or in conjunction with another base like celery or apples. One tip is to be sure to juice the leaves as well to get the highest amount of potassium in your juice.


Here is a quick recipe for one of my favourite green juice combinations. Remember that any of these fruits and veggies can be replaced with one of your choices. I recommend that you include cucumber, green apple, kale, lime, and some celery in your juice. Adding in carrot, beet, or sweet potato are great ways to provide some variety to this base juice recipe. Enjoy!