At heart, Lisamarie Bourke is a people-first type of person. Well-known for her warm and inviting personality, Lisa moved from Scotland to England to pursue her dreams a television promotor and model. While no stranger to success, her true personal passion lies in helping people discover the beauty within and around themselves.

Lisa’s career as a makeup artist is broad and extensive. She has worked as a makeup artist on a variety of projects, but by far her favorite aspect of it is the ability it allows her to help people discover and accentuate their own, natural beauty. “Makeup can be a great hobby for young girls to get into, and I think, if done correctly, it can be a great way for them to express themselves.”

Lisa, a former student at Aberdeen University where she studied Psychology, knows a thing or two more about makeup than simply the glitz and glam of the industry. She really enjoys providing tips and tricks that can help people better understand how to correctly use makeup.

In addition to her career in makeup, Lisamarie Bourke has also worked as a television presenter for shows such as Brainiac. She has also modeled for a variety of hair magazines, London Fashion Week, and designer Dolce & Gabbana. But even with that amount of success, Lisa felt a calling to utilize some of her other skillsets that had laid dormant for a while, and thus she began her career as a promoter, even presenting on BBC Radio which she credits as a “great experience”. With this in mind, Lisa has taken this passion of hers and combined it with her love of makeup. “I’m really excited to share this part of me with the world and to help people find their place in the fun world of makeup!”

In addition to her love for makeup, Lisamarie Bourke is also a lover of exercise and photography.

“Believe it or not, the same thing that drives me to makeup is the same thing that drives me to photography. I love capturing beauty wherever it is. I really do believe beauty can be found just about everywhere, and it’s our privilege, as humans, to seek it out!”

Stay tuned as Lisa shares some of her favourite tips, tricks, and hacks for all things makeup and beauty!


  • Presenter for televisions shows like Brainiac
  • Model for Dolce & Gabbana
  • Model for London Fashion Week
  • Photographer
  • Workout Enthusiast



Lisa Marie Bourke was a student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Aberdeen, an ancient university founded in 1495, provides state-of-the-art technologies to students looking to further their education. During her time at the school, Lisa studied psychology, a field that has helped her immensely as she navigates her exciting and multifaceted career.

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