A lot of people initially focus so much energy on what they eat, what not to eat, and how much of everything to eat that they wind up not focusing enough on their gut health.


The truth is that your gut health is critical for weight loss and the overall health of your body whether or not you’re trying to lose weight. Your gut health needs to be optimized in order to derive benefits from the foods that you eat and give the cells in your body the energy they need to empower your entire body.


You want to search out juices that improve your gut health while cleansing your entire GI tract and improving your ability to assimilate the nutrients from food. Here’s a look at some of those juices that are up to the task:


Mint and Cucumber Juice


The fennel and cucumber in this surprisingly tasty green juice are both great for boosting the amount of beneficial bacteria in your gut. That’s good news for cleansing your system and boosting your gut’s ability to break down and derive vitamins and minerals from the foods that you eat.


To make a mint and cucumber treat try mixing together fennel with a single cucumber, ginger root, and mint. Add lemon and up to a half head of fennel to suit taste.


Papaya Smoothie


Papaya is a perfect food to consume if you’re looking to rid your GI tract of harmful waste products. Papaya is a fruit that contains a ton of fiber to overhaul your gut’s ability to break down food. Eating a diet high in fiber should enable you to achieve or maintain a healthy weight as well as normalize your bowel movements.


Try adding together half a papaya with a single banana and a lemon wedge for a sweet treat that promises to significantly improve your gut health if taken over a three-day period as part of a juice regimen.


Celery, Kale, and Spinach Smoothie


Looking to jumpstart your gut health and rid your body of toxins. A healing detox green juice that combines the following ingredients is the way to go: celery (3 stalks), orange, kale, spinach, and ginger.


Your gut health is critical to your ability to properly digest food and remove bodily toxins.