If you are anything like me, you look for any excuse to be on the water. In the midst of the heat of the summer, this is the perfect time of the year to move your exercise regime from the gym to the water. Not only are water sports fun and challenging, they provide amazing benefits to your health and wellbeing. 


1.Full Body Exercise 

Unlike general workouts on land, water sports engage almost every muscle in your body, engaging you in a full body workout. Most water sports require a strong core to stabilize your body while the rest of the muscles work to propel you through the water. 


  1. Weight Assistance

The buoyancy of water provides your body with a natural assistance when it comes to weight. You are lighter in the water and can therefore perform more dynamic exercises. It is also less likely to get injured in water exercises if you were to fall. 


  1. Improved Posture

 As previously mentioned, most water sports require a strong core to stabilize and balance you on the water. This had an effect on your posture as well. Strengthening the spine and core can help improve your posture overtime.


  1. Increased Stamina

Many water sports require both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This combination of exercises, along with the full body exertion, can increase overall stamina. On top of that, some water sports require you to hold your breath which increases lung capacity. This can help with overall well-being and provide you with the ability to work out for longer. 


  1. Reduction in Impact

The most common reason that many people experience joint pains during or after exercise is due to the high intensity impact on the joints that are used. Exercising in the water provides a decreased weight acting on you while you perform exercises. This makes it less likely that you will feel joint pain during your exercise. 


  1. Mental Health Benefits

Exercise in general is extremely beneficial for mental health as a number of natural chemicals are released during it that have a positive effect on your mind. Water exercise adds to this due to the surroundings. Water tends to provide a tranquil and calming environment, leading to stress relief while you exercise. 


  1. Team Work 

Most water sports require team collaboration to get done. Team work promotes friendly competition to push yourself farther, social and emotional mental health benefits, and motivation from others. 


  1. Combats Diseases

Any form of physical exercise is going to increase your body’s ability to fight diseases, and water sports are no exception to this. Water sports require full body exercise, which leads to a greater ability to burn calories, increase metabolism, lose weight, and become healthier overall. A healthier body fights diseases better, from chronic to the common cold.