Yoga is an ancient practice that has helped millions of people around the world heal, connect and grow. But getting started can be difficult, especially during the current New Age that has so many countering opinions, beliefs and suggestions on the right way to begin.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the journey to the mat will be different for everyone. Although there are many different types of yoga, the heart of the practice lies in personal attachment and self-healing. Through yoga, people learn to be more present while releasing stress and pain.


Yoga for Complete Beginners

It’s good to understand the core concepts of yoga before beginning a practice; this can help diminish misconceptions and prevent the development of unrealistic and discouraging expectations.

The three main components to remember while practicing yoga are:


  • Breath
  • Movement
  • Alignment


Like meditation, yoga places an emphasis on breathing and becoming conscious of one’s breath. COmbined with movement, yoga helps one harmonize their body and find unity between their breath and limbs. Alignment refers to the positioning of a person while they practice yoga, and one can be as technical or spiritual about their alignment and its role in their practice as they would like.


Beginner Yoga Equipment

Someone only needs their body and mind to start practicing yoga, but some outside equipment can make the experience more enjoyable. A yoga mat will help provide a solid foundation to begin learning yoga poses; yoga blocks or positioners can also help a person on their yoga journey, especially during the early stages when they have limited flexibility.

A yoga band may also be used in some practices to create a deeper stretch, and yoga socks and gloves with grips can assist balance.


How to Get Started

There are myriad yoga tutorials for beginners on YouTube that are available completely free of charge. It’s best to utilize free resources before paying for a class to make sure that yoga is a good fit in a person’s life.

Additional research about the various types of yoga and yoga principles will make it easier to find the right local yoga studio when someone is ready to commit more fully to the practice on a routine basis.