Spring is near and along with it comes celebrations. Easter and maybe a few weddings will be in the air. And what will the lovely women want to wear besides fabulous clothes to show off their spring styles? They will want to dab on the best new smells of the season by famous perfume labels such as Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel.


Granted, there are, indeed, a lot of designer perfumes to choose from and it will be hard to sort out the top contenders. However, magazines such as Elle and Vogue will be able to help categorize the top picks for the 2019 spring season.


In fact, here is a list of six perfumes that have made it to their top lists of fragrances to try on in this spring.


  • Marks & Spencer Seasalt & Freesia – This fragrance is very affordable, and the smell is appropriate for the time of year. With ingredients infused such as sea salt and pear, it is a delightful smell to accommodate springtime. 
  • Dolce & Gabbana The Only One – This aroma filled bottle encases the beauty of waking up on a breezy spring morning with Tonka bean and violet among other tantalizing smells inspiring our sense of smell. A perfect perfume to meet up with friends for a casual coffee at the cafe. 
  • Miller Harris Violet Ida – A scent inspired by a character in a novel it will send a message of vintage wonder to the ones who wear it. 
  • Chanel 1957 – Who graces a list of perfect perfumes more than Chanel… This musk and honey combination intertwined with some other smells such as cedar and iris fit perfectly on a list with top spring fragrances. 
  • Tom Ford White Suede – A smell compared to his famous suede bags this Tom Ford smell will transfer you into Tom Ford’s world of fashion.  
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Complete satisfaction with a silver and gold series, these aromatic aromas create perfect spring magic scents. Berries and musks will whisk you away to the garden with the smell of Kurkdjian.


Of course, these are not the only fabulous perfumes that will be on display this spring season, but they are some of the more well-known brands from famous designers. So, do some research and buy a few helpful magazines that will guide you to the best fragrances this spring and be sure to scratch and sniff them all.