2018 was an excellent year for the makeup community! So many wonderful products were created, so many were reinvented, and lots of great people started speaking up for inclusivity and overall creativity in makeup. It was a great year to start following beauty influencers and watching for their collaborations, of which there were many. Both high-end and affordable makeup upped their game this past year, and I am ready to talk through some of the great products from this past year.

Photo Finish Primer | Smashbox
This primer is a favourite of many beauty influencers (I’m thinking of you KathleenLights). Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer isn’t necessarily a brand-new product, but we relearned its necessity in 2018. A wonderful foundation and face primer, this product will make your makeup last all day, while also smoothing and perfecting the overall appearance. As a bonus – it is cruelty-free and not a terribly expensive product!

Power Bullet Metallic Lipstick | Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty released some amazing lipsticks during the 2018 holiday season that were simply stunning! These lipsticks are not only a fantastic colour; they feature a stunning metallic shimmer that is so unique! Released in three colours: deep red, bright pink and juicy purple, there is a sure to be a colour for everyone!

Pretty Skin Palette | Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury is known for her high-end, high-quality makeup products and this palette is no exception. Though on the more expensive side, this palette is worth the investment if you are looking for a perfect bronzer, highlighter and blush combo. This product will give your skin a wonderfully healthy and glowy look.

Butter Bronzer | Physician’s Formula
The Butter Bronzer by Physician’s Formula is one of the best bronzers on the market, and you can find it at the drugstore! Accompanied by a delicious smell, this bronzer gives you the ability to contour and bronze with the same product. Will give you the radiant glow that you are looking at an affordable price.

Blushes | Burt’s Bees
2018 was a big year for Burt’s Bees as they continued to grow their makeup line. While not all of their products are amazing – their blushes certainly are! These matte blushes give your cheeks the perfect amount of colour with just a little bit of glow. Perfect for those who like a more natural, barely-there blush look.

Amrezy Highlight | Anastasia
In collaboration with the beauty influencer, Amrezy, Anastasia released the Amrezy Highlight in limited edition batches this past year. This is one of the most beautiful golden highlighters out there. It will not look too yellow on your skin but instead, give you an ultra-smooth and glowy finish.
Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette | Urban Decay
Maybe slightly overlooked, the Urban Decay Born to Run eyeshadow palette was a great edition in 2018! This palette is perfect for those who love warm-tone eyeshadow looks. You get everything that you need in the palette, including great crease shades and lid shades. Perfect for those of you on the go; a one palette fits all!

Continuous Setting Mist | Morphe
To top of the list, and your makeup, we have one of the best setting mists out there – the Continous Setting Mist by Morphe. This setting mist not only melts your makeup into your skin to provide a flawless look and give you a radiant finish, but it also features and gentle and fine mist that will not make your makeup run at all!