I am a yoga-lover. A true yogi. But I also like to travel and am generally a busy woman. It can be tough to balance a healthy and consistent yoga practice with the business of everyday life. Here are some tips that you can reference to maintain your yoga goals despite a busy travel or life schedule.


Travel Gear

Yoga mats are essential for a productive yoga session. If you love to travel or are often away from home, but still want to engage in a regular practice, consider purchasing a few essentials to take your love of yoga with you. One of the main needs is a quality mat. Travel yoga mats are generally thinner than regular ones and fit better in your luggage. Other items that you can get in travel size are yoga bricks or yoga towels. Even better, there are many things in hotels that you can use as makeshift yoga bricks.


Another way to keep up with yoga during your travels is by checking to see if your studio live streams their classes online. You will be surprised to find out that many do! If you have access to wifi then you will have access to your favourite yoga teachers.


Lunch Time Session

Sometimes, finding time in your day to do a full hour of yoga is quite difficult. From taking your kids to school to running to work and then home again to cook dinner, it seems like there is not enough time in the day! But, did you know that most yoga studios offer lunch hour session for the working professional? Check to see if your favourite studio offers this and then definitely take advantage of it.


Yoga Apps

If you are still unable to find a good amount of time to practice yoga despite the above tips, just know that there are options! If you can’t make your way to a studio, one alternative is to subscribe to an app on your phone. They are often very inexpensive and will walk you through quick 15-minute or 30-minute sessions in the comfort of your home, hotel, or even your office. Some examples of great apps are Asana Rebel, YogaGlo, and Yoga Studio.


Yoga is such a calming and illuminating experience! Even if you are living a hectic life filled to the brim with packed schedules and far-off destinations, there are ways that you can still practice. Keeping your body healthy is so very important, so finding ways to maintain consistent exercise despite your busy life will be important. I hope this post helps out my fellow yogis!